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Our Foundation: Building Tomorrow
A Commitment to Excellence in Engineering and Construction Management

At PdM Consulting, we believe the foundation of our success lies in the strength of our team. Driven by a shared mission to innovate and excel, our leadership embodies the expertise, dedication, and visionary thinking that guide every project from conception to completion. With decades of combined experience in civil engineering and construction management, our team is committed to delivering sustainable solutions and exceptional results for our clients and communities. Welcome to the core of PdM Consulting, where integrity, excellence, and innovation converge to shape the future.

Our team
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Our team of business growth experts is ready to make things happen for your brand. This team of seasoned professionals have been responsible for helping brands grow in a sustainable and strategic manner. We can't wait to work with you.

  • Pieter de Monchy
    Owner | Program & Senior Construction Manager

    Pieter de Monchy is a distinguished figure in the realm of Civil Engineering, Design, and Project Management, bringing over 35 years of professional excellence to the field.

  • Alan Miller
    Construction Inspector, CP II

    Alan Miller, CPII, stands as a testament to dedication and expertise within the civil engineering and construction management sectors at PdM Consulting, Inc. (PdMC).

  • Jose-Manuel Mendoza
    Certified Public Infrastructure Inspector

    Jose-Manuel Mendoza brings a robust blend of military precision and construction expertise to his role at PdM Consulting, Inc. as a Construction Inspector, with his certification as a CP II pending.

  • Jill T. Klaschke

    Jill is proficient across a broad spectrum of software, including the entire MS Office suite, Microsoft Dynamics ERP Navision, QuickBooks, and more, making her an invaluable asset in managing complex administrative tasks.

  • Gage Jensen

    Gage Jensen stands as a paradigm of leadership within the realm of project coordination, distinguished by a profound background in coaching, project management, and logistics.

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